About Us

Born at the beach

Sun Kissed Diva was born at the beach  ~ wanting women to feel confident and beautiful.   We are a destination fashion line  with beach wraps, destination dresses and unique bravegirl glamour designs.   

Heather MacMillan, the creator of Sun Kissed Diva, is from Nova Scotia and spends summer vacations at a beach in Grand Barachois, New Brunswick.    

The sea, the sand and the spirit of confidence are part of the design and the feeling of each creation. 

The Divas

Since the beginning, it is you, the Divas, through your support, who have inspired us.   We love the vacation pics!  There is something quite magical in the Sun Kissed Diva spirit and all of this feeds the creativity and passion. 

Own your style

 Many of the pieces are versatile, transitioning into different looks and moving from day to night.  The choices in colour, fabric and  flow allow the Divas to  express individuality in style. We custom many pieces and make for all sizes.